Chubby Mom

Posted on Saturday, February 11th, 2017 under MILFs.

Sometimes, a horny woman needs to take matters in to her own hands – literally. This gorgeous semi-chubby mom is all alone today, horny as hell, with no one around man enough to give her what she desires. She slips into some sexy black lace lingerie to set the mood, brings out her trust battery-operated vibrator, and then goes to work pleasuring her slippery wet pussy.

Look at her here, with her massive natural breasts heaving within the thin lace her bra. Why isn’t someone holding those beautiful bosoms for her, gently sucking on her large nipples?


She has released her large, natural boobs, so now we can see those amazing nips. How many men have been lucky enough to put their mouth on those mature tits, or pushed their cock between them?


Look at that ass, despite being in her forties, she still has a tasty, round bum. That’s an ass you want to look down upon while thrusting away at her from behind. It’s an ass you want to roll over and fondle when you first wake up in the morning.


Goddamn, now we can see that she keeps her pussy nicely trimmed. This is a sweet mature babe doesn’t go for the full bush look of her youth. Don’t you just want to give that lick and feel the lace of her stockings rub against her ears? I do.


It’s unfortunate that she has been forced to use a sex toy to pleasure that sweet, succulent cunt, but at least we get to watch and dream; dream of what she must taste like, and imagine what it would be like to slip inside her.


If there was any justice in this world, you would have your dick buried inside that lovely hole instead of that fucking vibrator. This woman deserves more than plastic. She needs a throbbing hard cock moving inside her. That’s what she truly desires, you know. Not a toy – but a man.


Alas, our new beautiful, lonely friend knows what it takes to get the job done. She can get herself off pretty easily, but we know that she would have preferred the company of man, and to get him off too. That’s how older women are. They aren’t selfish like younger women. They enjoy pleasuring their man and making certain that his needs are fulfilled.

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